From Education to Soil

A session with Dina Bataineh, Munir Fasheh, and Reef Fakhouri that took place on the 4th of Dec. 2020 as part of the Ecoversities Annual Planetary Gathering.

On how to nurture and be nurtured by the four soils which are abundant everywhere (but mostly corrupted and/ or made invisible by dominant modern ideologies): earth soil, cultural soil, communal soil, and affection-spiritual soil.

Ecoversities Planetary Gathering 2020

One thought on “From Education to Soil

  1. Hello,

    I’m reaching out to Munir, after being introduced to him in the We Will Dance With Mountains course, yesterday.

    Through my organisation Open Up, I’m working inter-culturally and non-profit with refugees in Africa. In March I’ve started to work with refugee youth in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda, which is one of the 8th largest refugee camps in the world. My work is about learning from the inner dimensions of change and healing through the inner and outer experiences. I’m looking at learning and education in similar ways as Munir. I felt deeply moved and inspired by experiencing the resonance through his words. It speaks to many layers of my own development and ‘becoming’ as well.

    In wanting to connect with Munir, and in wanting to introduce his voice into my community in Amsterdam, and in Nakivale and beyond, I’m writing you. To invite Munir for a conversation to explore and weave the wisdom of the possible.

    The possible of collaboration, of sharing wisdom, of knowing we are not alone in what we are exploring and offering in the world.

    Please read more about my life and work here:

    Looking forward to connect in these emergent times,

    Katrien Franken

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